3 Exciting Bass Flies

If you are like me and love to go smallmouth bass fishing  using bass flies, then perhaps you have tried to to catch them with your fly rod.  If not, you really have to give it a try as it is great fun.  We usually fish for smallmouth bass with our spinning gear but we recently spent an evening fly fishing for smallmouth bass on the Canaan River. We had such a fun time that when I got home I decided to buy some more bass flies as oppose to using live bait, from what is becoming a very popular online store of mine, The Angler’s Dream Flyshop. I have mentioned the online store a few times in previous posts.  The latest order did not disappoint for sure.  The flies seem to be made with great quality and the prices, including shipping, are very fair indeed.

Some quality Bass flies

green popper frog
I love top water fishing, no matter what type of fishing I am doing, so the bass flies I bought this times were all top water flies.  Two of the flies I bought are poppers.  It takes a handful of casts to get use to the heavier weight at the end of the line but it did not take long to be able to cast it where I wanted to.  Once the fly hits the water you can grab the fly line with your other hand and start tugging the line in to make the fly move or flick the rod with your other hand to make the fly do the same thing.  When I tried both these techniques, they both worked well.  The poppers did a good job pushing the water to attract the smallmouth bass.


swimming frog

A third fly I bought this time was a big ole fat swimming frog.  It is not a popper but is nice and big and should be easy for the smallmouth bass to see and hear on top of the water.

This time of year the smallmouth bass are done spawning in the Canaan River and leave so we will certainly try fly fishing in this area next May and June.  When we go for bass now we will have to try the Oromocto River or some of the other lakes we know about.  I am certainly going to bring along my fly rod in the boat each time I go to try these flies out.

swimming frog

This online fly store is in Brookfield, Wisconsin and I live in New Brunswick, Canada but that does not make me hesitate to order from their store.  The shipping is a good price.  They use a sturdy cardboard box to ship.

Just typing this post has me excited to get the fly rod out and go try for some smallmouth bass

I hope all of you are having as much fun as I am fishing this year.  Let me know how you are making out.  Tight lines.

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