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Spinning for Bass over Sand

Bass can be fished for using spinners, lures or plugs over a whole manner of substrates including rock, shingle, broken ground and sand. The basics are the same throughout, so you must learn to consider a few simple things before you cast your tackle into the water. In fact these are real basic requirements that should start to become second nature to the Bass angler…

  1. Water turbidity (water clarity)
  2. Water movement
  3. Surface movement
  4. Cloud/Clear skies
  5. Light

These factors will dictate how you approach your Bass fishing. The primary thought process you need to adopt is the clearer and more calm the conditions the more care you will have to take to present your lure to the Bass. A sound grounding in game fishing will assist you in this lesson, but simply put, well presented lures will catch fish. Badly present lures will scare your quarry away.

To Catch Bass You Need to Look For

  • Bass like a feature to use to hide in order for them to ambush their prey
  • Look for areas where bait might collect – really important
  • Rip currents attract Bass and scour bait from the sea bed
  • Rotten seaweed is home to many creatures, look for seaweed that is being freshly washed over by the tide, extracting the prey into the water.
  • Bass will enter very shallow water to hunt
  • Spin in all depths
  • If it is safe enter the water and wade, Spin at all angles around you.
  • Fish in the surf
  • Look for gullies at low tide and pin point them and fish these areas when the tide has flooded
  • Look for signs of Bass, fins breaking the surface, surface swirls, bait reacting in a strange manor
  • Use your senses to the full
  • Don’t spend hours approaching Bass to find they are Mullet
  • Enjoy your time and keep a diary.

Bass Like Features

We all like features, we all love a reason to gather in a location. For us it will be a chance to grab a burger or a pint. For Bass it will be a safe place to hide, an area that will bring food to them or hold food in a current. Think like a Bass, why are they there.

Where Will Bass Bait Collect

Look hard at the beach and the coast. If you throw in a bottle and watch it, or see where the wind blows flotsam you will start to see where the Bass food will collect, like us they love mating and feeding. They are not there to mate (they like deep water for that) so they are there to feed.

Rip Currents

Surf beaches have a current called a RIP (If you get stuck in one swim parallel to the shore till you get out of it or RIP!) This is where all that water surfers use to propel their boards rises up the beach then drops back and flows back out to sea. You get channels dug into the sand where rips occur. Look for water darker in colour with a mean disturbed look to it. All jokes apart – they hold fish but are dangerous, take care.

Seaweed a Bass Takeway

Have you ever looked amongst that rotten hulk of seaweed? You will have smelt it, maybe far from the beach. All the flies and other animals have smelt it too. Have a rummage… It’s full of decaying matter, loved by flies, fly maggots and crabs. When that big swell washes that rotten hulk into the water guess who is there sucking that food into their bellies – Bass.

The Shallows

OMG, why do you over look this most important area of water. I know, you get your new rod and reel which all the books say can cast 200+yds and you try and cast it as far as you can, I have done it. The trouble is you are missing chances to catch Bass. I have spent hours underwater in the first ten feet of water and seen Flounder, Mackerel, Mullet, Small Pollock and Bass all hunting! Bass will hunt in the shallows if the food is there. Please fish the shallows hard.

Wading for Bass

It must be safe to get in the water – you know your limitations. Fishing from the water by walking into it will drastically improve your catch rate. You have 360 degrees to cast plus you can follow those gullies fishing into the deeper water. I reckon you can increase your coverage buy over 200% by getting into the water and wading.

Surf Fishing for Bass

The surf scours the substrate pulling out food stuffs for the Bass to come and devour. As a wave reaches the shore and the depth decreases the wave will start to break. The mass of water and the surge caused will literally pull the seabed up and through it up into the water column. This unearths Bass food, hence fishing the surf for Bass is well worth while.

Look, See and Think like a Bass

You have got this far, so this paragraph will make sense. You need to look for signs of Bass, see like Bass, think like Bass and hunt like Bass.

Bass will show signs of themselves on the surface of the water. They leave swirls, shown tails and fins. Polaroid sunglasses will even let you see Bass and the homes they love. Reading the beach and the water will take you to the Bass and you will catch more Bass

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