beach casting for cod

Beach Casting for Cod

Winter is on it’s way and the nodding Cod will be on our shores soon and making good sea fishing sport. In fact in some areas Cod are being caught now by beach anglers.

The general rule of thumb is that Cod come closer to the shore and in range of beach casters when the light goes or the sea is well colored. This should tell you that the fish are not using vision to hunt their quarry. Scent, touch and feeling for vibration are the tools of the trade, now you know how to fish for them. You need some local advice to find what tidal conditions produce fish in your area. Try large springs first then experiment if this does not produce Cod.


Assuming there are Cod on your mark and with the knowledge of how they will be hunting lets look at how to entice them to our baited rigs.

Scent trails for Cod

This is the most popular system used for Cod fishing, even if you don’t know you are doing it. BIG baits are good Cod baits and BIG baits create big scent trails, simple!

Fresh fat lugworm dug from your local patch are often considered the best Cod bait. Other popular baits for Cod are Squid, Crab, Razor fish, Mussel and oily fish.

Why not consider using a ground baiting system to attract Cod and get them on the feed. I have used PVA bags full of bread and mashed mackerel to attract them but there are many other methods you could consider and try!

beach casting for cod casters

Hunting by Vibration.

As we know fish have the ability to hunt by sensing vibrations in the water. The easiest way to create an attractive vibration is through the use of live baiting. The current edition of Sea Angler follows Shane Pullen who goes to catch Cod using livebait its well worth a read.

I have never tried using spoons when beach casting for Cod and I cannot remember reading much about it being tried but its worth ago!

Beach casting for Cod Using Touch

Touch is really the last method you want to use. You are fishing by chance if you catch Cod by them coming across your scentless washed out bait. It will work if a Cod happens across your bait, but what is the chance, thousands of acres of sea, a few Cod and your bait!!

Remember though that if your rig is a mess, there is a chance that a Cod will be attracted to your bait only to be put off, or not well hooked because the touch and feel is not right – just consider it!

In conclusion

Again do your homework on the mark you plan to fish, prepare good quality bait, sharp hooks and well tied hooks. Balance your tackle to the requirements of the mark and remember,

1. Cod come close in in the dark or colored water

2. Cod hunt by Scent in the above conditions

3. They also use vibrations

4. Lastly they use touch

5. Use trial and error to learn the best system for your mark

6. Consider the conditions you are fishing in

7. Experiment with rigs, bait and casting ranges

I would love to hear any other ideas you have to catch more Cod from the shore.

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