Kayak bow fishing

Bow Fishing Day with Kayak

Go kayaking is a type of tourism that has a history of formation and development in the world quite soon. The name kayak (transcribed from letters Qajaq) of Indigenous people Eskimo means “the boats of the hunters” or “hunter’s boats.” Overcoming the immense and fast-flowing river, even the rugged cliffs, and the violent white waves, kayak radiates away to conquer the world. Currently, kayaking has become an official sport in the Olympic world.

What is a kayak?

Kayak is a relatively tiny and cramped boat, which is controlled entirely by the sailor but primarily designed to be self-propelled by hand paddle. Kayak traditionally has one deck and one or more cockpits, each seating has one rower. The cockpit is covered by a deck lid to prevent the intrusion of water from the waves or water jets and makes the experienced kayak players feel comfortable and performing skills “roll the kayak” (Eskimo roll), a movement of flipping the right side of the kayak that the deck lid will help to avoid the water not spilling on deck.

Bow Fishing with Kayak

Some modern kayaks categories have changed significantly while comparing with traditional designs but still retains the basic design of a kayak, for example in the removal of the cockpit on boat seats to paddle (the “seat- on-top” kayak); air chambers surrounding the boat is made of a bulging; replace single-hull by a double casing (“W” kayak), and replace the paddle by hand with other supporting devices, such as a propeller run by a foot pedal. Depending on the size a Kayak also gradually becomes a kind of boat, by being pushed by a small electric motor, and even the aerodynamic device is fitted outside.

The attraction of kayak

In addition to the increasingly modern cities, the lives of people are more advanced, the playgrounds that help people to relax as well as relieve stress after learning and work stressfully is increasingly diverse and abundant. A strange and new game which appears and is warmly received by almost people at present is kayaking. A Hunting, Bow fishing and Kayaking: The 3 in 1 trip will not only help you to relieve stress but also immerse in immense earth, water, experience the adventure feeling extremely interesting and memorable.

The attractiveness of Kayak is located in the very nature adventure. Kayak is a journey that the courage, calmness, patience as well as the ability to handle situations with the technical flexibility of the human is challenged, assayed, and evaluated. The reward for the contest to overcome is the confidence, a sense of victory, and the experiences, the emotions that are not as readily as available.

With one of the best fishing kayak, you are able to have an overview of scenery and listen to the peaceful sound of water on both sides, to experience river life, know and poignant story of historic landmarks where you have passed through too.

Kayak bow fishing

We used the Best Recurve Bow: Martin Saber Takedown Bow in our trip

Some kinds of kayak

best selling kayak 2021Kayak has a wide range of kinds: plastic composite, molded rubber, or inflatable boats, all of which are very good in every situation and use the 2 side paddle. About the shape, the kayak looks like bamboo leaves, which is small, long, slender and very charming. There are usually bright colors like yellow, red, orange …, the striking kayaks on the deep blue waters always create an extremely vivid picture.

Available on the market, there are a lot of famous brand names of kayaks, but the most maybe are Winner Kayak, which is a great brand that specializes in Kayak Composite products with worldwide markets such as South America, North America, Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Kayak Composite Series products are made from SCG – M90 – LLDPE resin material, which is very durable, lightweight, impact-resistant, and good abrasion. Each product is individually designed to suit every different purpose of use. The Umove Company currently sells seven kinds of composite kayak including Kayak Composit Purity, Thunder Composit Kayak, Kayak Composit Dreamer, Composit Otuim Kayak, Kayak Composit Hug, Nereus Composit Kayak, Kayak Composit Velocity.

Besides, there are also many kinds such as Inflatable kayaks, Sit-on-Top Kayaks, Day Touring and Sea Kayaks, Modular Kayaks, so forth and so on that due to the purpose of use and the topographic you intend to take the adventure to choose the most suitable one.

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