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Fly Fishing From a Kayak

Most of the people would look at you like you are going on some suicidal mission if you tell them about fly fishing from a kayak. They will get terrified and feed you with so many drawbacks of your decision that you may think of backing out but there before you do so you should think about some special aspects that may be overlooked in the hassle.

The shape of a kayak is so defined that it is the best option for floating or rowing for different purposes. Their dimension will definitely make you question your choice. How could anyone possibly think of fishing in a boat that is more likely the size of a big fish? Although kayaks are used to roam on the flat surface of the water with your family on a peaceful afternoon there are more than this little water-buddy can offer you.

Fly fishing from a kayak is nowadays getting popular considering the advantages that we are going to discuss here.

Why choose a kayak for fly fishing?

The main advantage of choosing a kayak is its shape and speed. It will let you cover a decent distance with considerable swiftness and ease. There are many lakes where you can take motored boats or any other heavyweight items and kayak is the only solution besides, being lightweight it provides you with incredible speed.

A pram may serve you better distance but rowing backward will be hectic for your back muscle and this will definitely limit your distance but in the case of a light kayak you can easily row a long distance and it won’t tire your muscles as well. The paddling would be a great advantage in fishing.

Another thing that we consider most important in fishing is noise. Any craft that makes much noise or has noisy parts is a big hindrance for fishing. The fishes can feel the vibration underwater and gets alert and that makes fly fishing difficult. In a kayak, there is no such noise because of the absence of a propeller or flippers. It makes a perfect ambiance for fishing and you can easily work on the paddle so that it becomes less noisy while resting inside during fishing.

Keeping the balance on a kayak during fishing seems quite difficult when compared to other crafts but if you choose the right kayak and follow the right techniques then you can easily succeed in your fishing mission.

Now speaking of the perfect kind of kayak, you should always keep in mind that an appropriate kayak will make you meet the success but the wrong one may cause some mishap. Now we will discuss how to choose the proper kayak for fly fishing.

What kind of kayak should you choose for fly fishing?

kahuna k1 kayakIf you already own a kayak then it would not be wise to buy another one just for fly fishing but if you don’t have one then you can choose the perfect one that will also help you for other purposes. If you are planning to continue fly fishing from the same boat you want to take your family out in then the most perfect one will be a 9 feet kayak. It will fit all your family members ranging from kids to adults and you can easily take them out for fly fishing whenever you want to.

The best option is going for something small. Any salesman will tell you that small ones lack speed and you should buy the long and sleek ones but in case of fishing the balance matters a lot and for that you can rely on a short one. They are easy to handle and the speed is also reasonable with in small distance. Another important thing is the weight and the money. You can easily buy one under $1000 and relax your body muscles because of the light weight structure.

The retrieving of fly from the shore would be difficult in case of a long and sleek kayak and you can’t anchor it anywhere. Small kayaks will give you the right conditions of waves along with the aforesaid parameters.

Now when you have the right kayak the next thing to worry about is the right method. The water is a factor here. The fresh and salt water are different in nature and take different skills for fishing. Here we will discuss about some method that will come handy when you are out fishing in any water. First we will discuss about the fresh water. Click here to learn more how to choose the best fishing kayak.

Tricks for fly fishing from a kayak in freshwater

First and foremost things to remember while fishing is, do not fight the wind because that will take you nowhere. It would be really difficult to keep the kayak in the right place and the paddle safely. Then they could be misplaced and you could meet some serious accidents. Besides when the wind is getting violent, the speed of the kayak will not be suitable for fishing as fishing needs some moderate speed.

You need to keep close to the shore and use paddle pads or gloves so that you can handle them properly. Set you target first and then follow these basic tricks.

Fly fishing tricks from a kayak in saltwater

best fishing kayakWhile fishing in saltwater you must take care of some before you sit on your kayak. The most important thing is the tide. Have a clear idea about the tide. Follow the way the tide is going and before stepping into sea know about the weather. You must avoid any violent wind or storms. Pay heed to the weather forecast and local marine news as they will help you out in this case and another important thing is to stay away from any sea animals that may harm your kayak or you. Read more guides for fishing kayak on saltwater.

This is pretty much everything you need to know about fly fishing from a kayak and the tricks will help you to find the proper kayak along with in efficient fishing. So choose the right one and start paddling!

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