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How to Store a Kayak

How to store a kayak? For people who have a deep passion for the water sport activities, such as bow fishing, the kayak is one of the most important equipments that they always find out the best kayak for themselves to have wonderful journeys with their friends and relatives to fulfill their dream. Buying the best kayak is just a piece of cake because this sports equipment has gained popularity in the market, but storage is really a challenge for all people. What should be considered?  The following guide will help you determine all the aforementioned questions.

Storing the kayak is the most important process which is the determining factors in the lifetime of a kayak. For some, they do not pay more attention to store the kayak and just leave it outside, but they do not know that external factors such as the weather condition can destroy a kayak. Therefore, you should be aware of its negative effects to ensure that your kayak is stored in dry and cool locations that are far away from the influence of the weather.

What you should do to store the kayak

Choose the right position to keep the kayak

Although the materials of the kayak are quite durable, it can be deformed easily by pressure. After a very short time, the kayak can become the dents or the flat spots, or even the deformed shape. To prevent this situation, people should make a detailed plan about how to store their kayak and support it from the hull of the kayak at several padded points.

You can hang it in the shed, the storage area, or the garage, but you should take the advantage of more than two straps. Some people think that they just need only two straps; however, this is not a good idea because with only two straps, you cannot keep the kayak from the top to the end and it can sag in the middle part of the kayak. Apart from hanging it, you also can put it on the shelf or the rack which is situated on the foam to support the entire kayak. In this way, the foam will make a great contribution to keep the kayak in balance. Furthermore, the foam will not cause any adverse effect on the appearance of the kayak.

how to store your kayaks

The last way is that you can lay it on the floor of your house. Although laying it on the ground is not the best way, but it can partly solve the problem of saving the kayak for a long time, but first and foremost, you need to have a good preparation for some different layers which are soft enough to put it under the kayak.

Prevent it from the negative effects of the elements

The sunlight

The kayak is similar to any other equipment which can be degraded by the sunlight in terms of the material of the kayak hull and the cover layer. The UV rays of the sun can the color of the kayak fade away. If you do not want your kayak to look like the bulky one, you should keep it out of the sunlight.

To avoid the sunlight, you can apply a wide range of effective ways, depending on your preference. However, they need to adapt to the requirements of the storage process. The first thing that you have to do is that store the kayak inside. You should make sure that the kayak is situated in a shaded place that is not in contact with the sunlight.

The rain

As we know, the rainwater contains a small amount of acid, which is harmful to the kayak; therefore, it is better for you to keep your kayak away from the rainwater. After a time, your kayak will be oxidized and become the scrap heap. If you try to take the use of this kayak, it can put you in dangerous situations. Therefore, you need to take some better solutions to tackle it by storing the kayak.

In addition, if your house does not have any position for the kayak or you worry about wasting the space, you can make a choice of any position and then, cover it with the tarp. Making use of the tarp can resolve your problem with space, but you need to opt for the tarp which is not only tough but also dependable. It means that the tarp can be resistant to the weather condition. Besides, in the event of the tarp, you have to cover the whole kayak.

Protect the kayak from the theft

protect and store kayaksThe price of the kayak is quite expensive that people with lower incomes cannot buy it for themselves; therefore, it is not surprising when your kayak is stolen in one day because this sports equipment always attracts other people at the first sight. If you do not want to provide a favorable condition for the thieves, you should put it inside.

In some areas, the problems related to the thieves have become a controversial topic, but no one can do anything to stop this bad case. You cannot completely believe in the security in your location, because sometimes, they cannot protect the properties of all people. To deter the thieves, you had better construct the fence and install the security system in your house to protect the kayak as well as other valuable properties.

How to store a kayak

In fact, the kayak is the same as other sports equipment, so you also need to take a few steps to store the kayak better and better as follows:

  • In the first step, we need to wash both the inside and outside of the boat by using mild soapy water, especially after surfing on the surface of the saltwater to avoid oxidation. If you think that it is unnecessary for you to wash the kayaks, you are wrong because after using, the kayak has a lot of dirt, and grime, so your task is to eliminate them.
  • Next, the kayak owners have to spray the kayak with the 303 Aerospace Protectant which is sold in any stores in all countries. Your kayak will require a light coating layer to avoid the impacts of the environmental factors, but while spraying, you should use gloves to protect your hand from the chemical.
  • After spraying, you should not add the oil to the metal parts of the kayak to make sure that it does not cause rust in your kayak.
  • Then, here is the time for the maintenance process that you have to tighten the bolts, and the screws to ensure that it will be safe when you reuse it after a long time. Furthermore, it also provides you the chance to check out your kayak to know which parts of the kayaks that you should replace immediately.
  • And the last step you need to carry out is to put it in the prepared position. If you plan to put it outside, you have to remove all parts which are made from either the fabric or the softer materials like the seat to put a stop to some kinds of rodents. Besides, you also need to cover it with something such as the tarp or any other thing like that.

For the handy owner, you can even create your own kayak rack from the video below


It is worthy enough for you to take care of the kayak. In the case, you are confusing about how you should store the kayak, now you can give your own answer. It will be a fun experience when you can store the kayak by yourself without the help of any maintenance agencies. Although, for the first time, you may face countless difficulties or your kayak is still broken, but the more patient you are, the better performance you have.

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