Easy Kayaking: What Size Kayak Do I need

Who thought moving across the water could have been one of the thrilling adventures today. The question is though what size kayak do I need? Kayaking has emerged as the coolest escapade one can think of. It happens to be healthy as well; considering the nice opportunity to come close to nature. The most important thing here is the kayak of proper size. What size kayak do I need? There are so many variations available that the beginner can easily be confused while deciding which one to go for. Various shapes and sizes serve different purposes, so choosing the right one is very important for the best experience.

The best way is always the simplest one that is to try as many models as you can to know the right size or type but this is not possible for some obvious reasons. Another way to have a clear view of it may seem a bit complex but happens to be quite effective.

What size kayak do I need?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying your kayak and the honest answers will decide the right size for it. The most important questions are:

  • Where are you planning to paddle? The options range from shallow rivers, lakes, creeks to large water bodies or ocean.
  • How long are you expecting to row at a stretch? It can be a few hours, a day, or a week sometime.
  • How far are you going? A mile or two or five? Or the hemisphere?
  • For what purpose do I need the kayak? fly fishing, sightseeing? Adventure?

Answering these questions along with some others would give you a perfect view while reading fishing kayak reviews can also be an option.

Now here comes some basic features of common kayaks available in the market. If you want something that can be kept in a straight line easily and faster as well, it would be wise to go for something narrower and longer than usual. These types of kayaks are very efficient. The shorter and wider it gets, the more stable and easier to turn. At the same time, it gets slower.

what size kayak is recommended kayaks for fishing

Here are some important rules regarding kayak size.

  • 9-12 feet long kayaks especially for shallow rivers or creeks. They traverse a maximum of 2 miles at a time and nice for playing in the water or casual paddling. They can cover small coves and short distances but completely unsafe for open rough water. They are known as ‘‘recreational kayaks.’’
  • 15-18 feet long kayaks for expedition or ocean surfing purpose. These have great speed and demand less effort to keep in motion. They have enough room for an overnight stay and other kinds of stuff. Their sleek, narrow design helps them to handle big rivers, enormous bay, or wide lakes with much speed. These are “touring kayaks”.
  • 12-14 feet long “cross-over” kayaks are your answer if you are a beginner who likes to play in the water but not much experienced to track them in a straight line and love to explore a bit aggressive water line. These are safer choices with the potential of improving your skill (12.5 feet long Dagger Blackwater).

There are other factors like efficiency, stability, etc while buying your own kayak. There are websites where you can come across the best fishing kayaksKeeping all these simple but important facts in mind will make deciding your own kayak a lot easier. Besides, there’s always the option to follow your heart.

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