Pike Fishing

Pike fishing from shore with lures can be quite challenging especially in winter time when the water is really cold and when fish are not active. So here are five tips that might save your cold winter day from being a failure!

pike fishing

Pike Fishing Tips

We have all as fishermen been besides an unknown lake or stream and wondered about where to fish. This could be on a vacation, random trip or we have moved ...
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Pike fishing tips

Pike and Musky Looks

I have been doing pike fishing for years and for me a pike or a musky is a beautiful creature. But for many others, especially no fishing people, a pike ...
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canada muskie fishing

Tips on Canada Muskie Fishing

One of many largest fish lurking in Canadian waters is the muskie. These massive fish are introduced in by anglers all across the country and once they do, the response ...
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big northern pike fishing

Pike Fishing Tip – Deadbait for Trophies

Deadbait for trophies... Here's a pike fishing tip that can easily produce more excitement than fishing for walleye or trout. If you are looking for a good freshwater battle with ...
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