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Pike and Musky Looks

I have been doing pike fishing for years and for me a pike or a musky is a beautiful creature. But for many others, especially no fishing people, a pike is an ugly and disgusting fish. Even many fishermen is disgusted by it and will avoid catching one if they can. In my area it is popular to troll for inland trout and among many of these, pikes are just called “a green one”. Often these are killed and threw back into the water.

That makes me wonder, who can really determine whether a pike is beautiful or ugly? I can clearly see the beauty of it because I know so much about it, but those who don`t tends to think it is ugly because it has a large mouth with big teeth and eyes, is green and slimy, they know nothing or very little about it. Ok, I understand what they are saying and could have agreed with them years ago, but not now.

When doing pike fishing with many different pike lures and musky lures during several years, I have experienced how well adapted and well built a pike is for its purpose. A pike is on the top of the food chain in its environment and has adapted to that role through thousands of years. We can be sure that a pikes look and behavior is the best for this place because it has developed these characteristics through natural selections in these years.
A pike is a winner in a long biologic perspective. It lives all over the world and there is many sub species in the esox family, but the main features are common for all them. The combination of large teethy mouth, its color and shape combined with an aggressive and “greedy” character sets this predator on the throne amongst all other predators in freshwater. It has adapted to all environments; from nutrition rich lakes in the lowland, nutrition poor lakes in the highland, small streams and creeks to powerful rivers, so it has more or less conquered any environment, even saltwater to a certain degree as the pike can live in brackish water.
Many people will even not eat it because of the look and that is stupid because pike has white firm flesh with a good taste. But in some countries this fish is a dedicated fish and are often used as food. Chefs have developed a lot of delicious dishes.

So think about it next time you hear anyone say a pike or musky are a disgusting creature, these fishes are huge winners in an evolving perspective, maybe they even are here when we who judge everything are long gone.


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