fresh water fishing tips

Fresh Water Fishing Tips

Fishing is one of the most popular entertainments chosen by many people. The ideal places for people to fish are rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. Knowing the fresh water fishing tips will give you more wonderful experiences beyond your expectation with this exciting type of entertainment.

Fresh Water Fishing Season

One of the factors affecting your result of freshwater fishing is the season. Thus, you should pay attention to reasonable time for this activity. Each of fish species is familiar with the particular range of water’s temperature at which it can survive. However, most of them prefer the water’s temperature from 20 -30oC which is equal to from 25- 33oC of the air temperature. Besides, fish often find their food through the conditioned responses. This is why when hearing the sounds caused by rain or people’s activities, they will not have any actions of finding food.

All these mentioned things give you the consideration about the ideal freshwater fishing season.  You should go fishing in spring with warm weather or fall with cool air. If you like or just have time for fishing in summer, dawn is the best time for you to do it. At this time, fish will appear near the water’s surface to get more oxygen and find food. On the other hand, you should not go fishing during heavy raining or thunder. Neither do you on scorching days because the intense light makes them find the baits uncomfortably.

Common freshwater fish

There are various types of freshwater fish. Today, I just mention about some common of them.


“Bass” is shared by different species of fish. Bass usually have a long body with the maximum length of up to 200cm. Some of the species we could mention here, for example, are large-mouth, striped, and white bass.

large mouth bass

Large-mouth bass

Large-mouth bass are the most popular in North America. They are also universal in dams or lake in South Africa. Spring is time for their reproduction, so they usually move into shallow water to produce eggs in large numbers. After that, large-mouth bass females will move to the areas which are far from shores.

Striped bass is mainly found in St. John Rivers. Their weight may be up to 60 pounds. In summer, they are less active, so they love cool water of springs to survive.

White bass usually have small weights which seldom go beyond 4 lbs in flowing water. They commonly have the weight of fewer than 5 pounds although in some cases, this figure may exceed 40 pounds.


catfish fresh water fishing

Like bass, there are some types of catfish. They have long stiff hairs, like the whiskers of the cats around their mouth. Channel catfish are plentiful in Florida, USA. They prefer to spawn in holes or crevices.

In addition to this type of catfish, we may catch white catfish, brown bullheads or yellow bullheads. White catfish may have blue-gray or blue-black sides. They eat other fish, larvae or insects living in water.  Brown bullheads are bottom feeders in slowly flowing waters in lakes, ponds of large rivers. Yellow bullheads have a similar appearance to brown bullheads but with lighter colors. They love to eat snails, crayfish, and shrimps.



bluegill fishThe most popular panfish is bluegill. We often find them in lakes and ponds. Their food is mainly insects and larvae. The ideal season for them to spawn is summer. Besides, we also find the other species in the pan-fish family, Re-dear Sunfish living in hard bottoms. They have large body size than bluegill. Their favorite food is snails and clams.

Best baits for freshwater fishing

Fishing is enjoyable, but catching fish makes more fun. To make fishing more productive, one of the freshwater fishing tips for anglers is choosing the best baits for freshwater fish. It is not enough if you only prepare for your fishing time tasty baits without caring whether your baits are suitable or not with your target fish.

The best baits for fresh water fish include leeches, worms, and minnows.


leeches for fishingThey are excellent baits for fishing catfish. They are also in favor of many other spices of fish such as bass, bluegill, and perches. They are easy to keep alive. You just leave them with fresh water enough to cover their backs and then keep them in your fridge. Changing the water every two days is a need. While the other live baits seem to be sensitive with the low contents of oxygen, leeches can live quite well in this condition. This feature partly makes them live in a long time.


worm fishingWorms with small sizes are the favorite food of panfish while catfish, bass love to eat bigger ones. This type of baits is quite easy to find in wet soils. Besides, you could purchase them in bait shops. If you wanna save your money, of course, you completely grow them on your own. When going fishing, you should bring with you enough amount of worms for better use and preserve.


minnows for fishingIn general, baby or little fish are called minnows. They are also the preferred taste of striper, bass, catfish, and trout. Minnows are also easy to find in bait shops. Should you prefer to catch them by yourself, let find shallow areas of a lakes or ponds then do your work with fishing nets and some small pieces of bread, cat food or oatmeal as the baits.

How to catch freshwater bass

If you are an angler, you may find it easy to catch bass than the other freshwater fish species because they are popular. However, it does not mean that you will always catch them in every your fishing trip. Catching freshwater bass also needs some tips.

First, you should prepare well for your baits. Bass like different food in different seasons. In spring, they prefer crawfish while in summer and autumn, their favorite taste is shad. Besides, they are careless with baits in red because the red makes bass believe that the baits are in injury, so they are more confident to bite them.

Second, you should pay attention to the time of your fishing trip. To make a higher frequency of bass catching, there is no doubt that fall is the most suitable time for you to go fishing. At that time, bass, especially big ones seem to be more active.

Besides, spring is also ideal for fishing bass. It is the season for them to hang out after the time of spawning. They will need much food so that they can get out of hunger.

If you fish bass in shallow areas, the possibility of catching them is bigger. One more thing for you to care about, let fish before the storms because this species seems to be more energetic at this time.

Last, you need some techniques to catch fresh water bass. There is a variety of the methods which do the best when fish bass for you to consider. You may use pitching, flipping.

The bass anglers also find it exciting when using drop shooting technique. These methods need practicing for better and more efficient applications.


Freshwater fishing techniques

Fresh water fishing tips for efficient fishing partly come from appropriate fishing techniques choices. With fresh water fishing, some techniques showing their significant contribution to a successful fishing trip are still fishing, casting and trolling

Still fishing

It is the simplest, most accessible and effective. As its name, when using this technique, you just drop your line with baits and wait for fish taking your baits. This method is flexible as you can practice it when fishing from bridges ships, or banks of the rivers.

Based on the depth of the lakes, ponds or rivers and anglers’ efforts, it is applied to fresh water fish living in the surface or bottom water. Still fishing is used with most of fresh water fish at any time of the day or season. This method just requires the patient of the anglers.


There are two types of casting: bait casting and spin casting. With the first one, based on the weight of the lures, the anglers will determine the distance or position of their hook they should drop into the water. The ideal weight of baits should be 13-40 grams.

Besides, the fishing rod also should have high resilience. Spin fishing is an excellent technique for newcomers. The equipment for this technique (spinning) is much easier to use with both heavy and light artificial lures than one for bait casting (bait caster).


trolling fishing

Trolling Fishing Techniques

Any kinds of lures used in casting could be applied in trolling because it is a technique requiring effective movement. “Trolling” means trailing the line with baits in the hook through the water.

You can apply this method with the assistance of a ship with a small electrical engine for smooth moving on the water surface. Either spinning or bait caster could be involved in this technique.

Besides, you can apply the other methods of fresh water fishing such as live lining, chumming and jig fishing.

Freshwater kayak fishing tips

Fresh water fishing with kayak is wonderful experience for people. Some tips here could give you more enjoyable time during your fishing trip with kayak.

First, you should make an appropriate decision on kayak selection. To do so, let ask yourself before purchasing a kayak where you prefer to fish with your kayak or what your target types of fresh water fish are? Then, you should pay attention to kayak stability, storage capacity and the comfort of the seats of the kayak and how to transport your kayak from a place to another. See the list of best fishing kayaks.

Second, let check the weather forecast before going fishing with your kayak. When the weather is getting unfavorable, do not have fresh water kayak fishing in deep water areas. The foggy weather could make you get lost. Strongly windy day is also not a smart choice for this type of fishing. Therefore, remember to choose a beautiful day for better kayak fishing trip.

Last, while fishing with your kayak, pay attention to your position to keep your kayak balance. Make your head centered, don’t try to lean out of your kayak so that you will not fall in the water.

Hope that with these above fresh water fishing tipsyou will have great time enjoying your fishing trip.

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