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Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Secrets

If you are like most anglers who complain about how hard winter fishing is then remember that much of your lack of success is not anything other than your bait not working at 100 percent in cold temperatures because 95 percent of boilies are totally inefficient in low temperatures! But you have the power to change this! Have your eyes opened right now and multiply your winter catches hugely by reading on right now!

This point about catching fish just in winter but at any time of year is so vitally important yet the vast majority of baits do not seriously take this into account! Baits such as boilies work only as well as the substances within them can join the water column and disperse in as high suitable concentrations as possible to stimulate changes in fish behaviors that lead to feeding!

carp fishing bait secrets

Water is denser in low temperatures and this means that substances from your bait not only leach out of baits far less, but disperse far less efficiently. For this reason a huge proportion of the potential of your baits attraction and stimulation is simply never going to even be detected by fish at all! Cold water baits and their component substances absolutely need to be chosen for maximum cold water effectiveness so that baits leach out these substances in maximized concentrations that are totally guaranteed to disperse a widely in the water column as possible to stimulate and draw fish to your baits!

If you put an orange into water what gives out more juice; an orange that has its skin on, or an orange that has been peeled and had some segments punctuated? Obviously the orange with the skin on is hardly going to release anything even though it contains the same levels of attraction as the peeled orange. My point here is that any bait that is heated that contains coagulated proteins is going to act like the orange with the skin on it.

Heated coagulated protein is the most significant enemy to you catching carp using boilies in winter, and very many heated and extruded pellets are also equally as handicapped because of this and very seriously under-maximized. You get the point right? Just because no-one has come out and stated this incredibly important point before does not mean it is not massively valid to everyone using heated boilies and I do mean anyone!

Why on earth use baits (usually heated ready made baits) that only work at maybe 25 percent effectiveness in cold water (if you are lucky) simply because they are heated. And why do the majority of anglers use boilies in winter? The answer is mass ignorance, because the bait industry wants to sell boilies because that is what they are set up to do and because that is what anglers expect to use. It is an insane loop of inefficiency.

Just how many anglers realize that you can make hard pastes that leak incredible concentrations of soluble substances that no boilie can ever achieve! You can make paste baits that actually leak off a massive proportion of their soluble substances while leaving behind a matrix of less soluble substances that remain hard enough and intact enough to give fish something to pick up along with your hook!

The vast percentage of anglers fishing in winter are their own worst enemies because they simply do not get it; bait substances stimulate fish and when they cannot enter the water column in maximized levels of concentrations in denser cold water then you are wasting horrific amount of time!

If you want to catch more fish in low water temperatures, do not bother buying ready made boilies and pop-up baits that have been boiled! Do not bother taking the surface skin off them. Do not bother soaking boilie or heated baits in dips, glugs or soaks. You are still using an orange with the skin on because heated baits are coagulated and sealed through the massive proportion of the matrix of the bait no matter how loose textured that bait may be it is seriously under-maximized for cold water!

Anglers who use maggots in winter will know that after the initial burst of ammonia has been excreted by shocked maggots entering the water column, the only significant thing left to attract fish is movement sounds and vibrations. But even then, after a period of immersion maggots metabolism slows and then maggots can then be not much better than using a plastic maggot with zero natural chemical stimulation or attraction whatever.

Maggots can be out-fished by use of various reactive substances within highly soluble paste baits because such baits are actively dispersing attraction well beyond the period maggots have lost any significant chemical attraction and movement!

The mistake that anglers over decades have made in winter is use boilies that are too large for the appetite of old water fish. When I say that I mean the vast majority of carp anglers over the past 30 years at least have used heat coagulated under-maximized baits of over 8 to10 millimeters; think about it and test bait sizes your self! Using a quarter of a large boilie is going to be far more effective than using a whole boilie, but if it is a boilie then you have still lost a massive proportion of possible stimulation and attraction not dispersing into the water column!

If you are brainwashed by the advertorial magazine articles enough to think that a dumbbell boilie is any better than round boilies now that carp are so well aware of them do yourself a favor if you really want to catch more fish! Think about it! An oddly-cut third of dumbbell bait will work far better than a whole bait for so many reasons. Wary fish sort baits to the degree of blowing whole intact baits out of the way of free feed small pellets and bait fragments and chopped bits of baits.

This point is so incredibly profound and powerful yet the bait industry keeps making out that boilies are so wonderful for winter and nutritionally optimized for limiting amino acids and digestion potential etc, all the while they are sealed and massively under-optimized by heated proteins. Such baits sit intact and fish easily sort out which baits are whole, which baits are fresh and dangerous, which baits are soft and washed out and safe, and so on. Winter baits are far superior when not heated at all; maximum concentrations of solution can pump into the water. Boiled or steamed baits pump out very little by comparison!

What do you think is more likely to fool an extremely wary fish, a half a boilie that does not give when mouthed or a paste bait that actually changes it shape when mouthed? Anglers dominant use of whole boilies (and related cylinder shaped heated pellets) train fish to be scared of whole round and dumbbell baits whether sinking baits, balanced baits or pop-up baits; fact!

If you make your own homemade baits do yourself a tremendous favor; avoid heating your baits completely! Believe it or not paste or dough is certainly not necessarily all the same. In fact you can make past baits that last as long as boilies but the difference is that these water soluble baits actually release their components in a maximized way instead of being sealed by any coagulated heat damaged proteins which in fact are a massive part of effective baits nutritional stimulation.

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