sea fishing float

How to use Sea fishing floats

Sea fishing uses lots of different approaches to land that prized specimen. Matching the technique to the situation is the key to improving your success. Float fishing allows a different approach to solve problems and cover ground. You can also present baits very attractively and target all the layers of the sea i.e. the surface right down to the sea bed.

Floats and bait are not the only combination. You can very successfully lure fish using a float. Read on for a few more float fishing tips.

Types of sea float

  • Bubble Float – Clear plastic floats that allow water in to add ballast and casting weight to the float.
  • Weighted Cigar – As above, but self cocking.
  • Pop bottles –  Yep, good old fizzy drinks bottles. Mount a swivel into the lid and add water to cast and cock. You can cast them miles.
  • Cork –  From a bottle of wine.
  • Match Floats –  Coarse fishing floats.
  • Slider floats –  Large cigar shaped floats, very popular for pier fishing.
  • Balloons –  More often used for boat fishing for shark, but has other applications.

How to use floats for sea fishing

sea fishing float

What I am trying to do hear is open up your mind to approaching old and new fishing marks with new ideas. We often do the same thing every trip, coz it works, but are you getting the most out of that mark?

Another great advantage with float fishing is you can balance your tackle to your species, enjoying the fight and the whole experience of catching fish. I hate just winding fish in like clock work with heavy gear and small specimens.

Anyway, here goes, a few tips for using floats to improve your sea angling experience,

  1. Surf fishing for Bass – If you can get on a pier or rock outcrop and cast into the back of the surf, use a bubble float with live prawn / sand eel / crab. Allow the float to be carried in the current, you will cover loads of ground.  The bait will stay preserved as it wont be dragged across the bottom, perishing it.
  2. Lure fishing in saggy ground – Again, employ the bubble float. Use a leader length short enough to prevent the lure catching the bottom and you can work a heavy sinking lure tight to the rocks and into the gullies.
  3. Long range Mackerel / Garr – If you use a pop bottle and mackerel feathers, you can fish at long range to find deep water. Using a knot on the line, you can adjust the depth the lures work at to find the fish. This is called a running float.
  4. Light match floats – Mullet fishing employs a lot of light coarse fishing gear. Typical float fishing gear is used to great effect to capture mullet.
  5. Flounder – Flounder like a moving bait as they are aggressive hunters. Using any of the floats above with a long leader allows the bait to gently move around on the sea bed. Spoons, beads and sequins can be used to great effect. You can also keep the bait just off the bottom to keep crabs off your bait. Try small live prawns.
  6. Balloons – Great for fishing larger live baits for Bass. Again you can fish at different levels and at huge ranges.
  7. Corks – You can always find one on a beach and they make a great make-do float. If you are fishing and decide you want to target Wrasse over rocky ground, use your cork – hey presto!

Sea fishing with floats can add a whole new dimension to your sea angling. Look at your mark and consider other ways of presenting bait in a natural way. Consider, if required how to cover a lot of ground, seek out the fish, don’t be static, work for your fish. Game anglers spend a lot of time moving and trying to calculate where the fish are likely to be in the current weather / water conditions. Do the same! and enjoy your fishing.

Let us know what other situations you can use a float for to improve your sea angling

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