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“There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, there’s always a new place, always a new horizon.”
-Jack Nicklaus-

beach casting for cod

Beach Casting for Cod

Winter is on it’s way and the nodding Cod will be on our shores soon and making good sea fishing sport. In fact in some areas Cod are being caught now by beach anglers. The general rule of thumb is that Cod come closer to the shore and in range of beach casters when the light

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Cod Fishing

How to Catch Cod From the Shore

Why start Cod Fishing? The Cod is one of the most prized fish to catch from the shore. They make good sport and also taste great! The  conditions and environments where Cod are found also add to the challenge and the feeling when you finally land one. The 60′s and 70′s saw  massive Cod catches, sadly over fishing has

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pike fishing

Pike Fishing Tips

We have all as fishermen been besides an unknown lake or stream and wondered about where to fish. This could be on a vacation, random trip or we have moved to another place. Either way, we want to know where to find good spots to catch some fish. If the lake is small we can

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Pike fishing tips

Pike and Musky Looks

I have been doing pike fishing for years and for me a pike or a musky is a beautiful creature. But for many others, especially no fishing people, a pike is an ugly and disgusting fish. Even many fishermen is disgusted by it and will avoid catching one if they can. In my area it

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Easy Kayaking: What Size Kayak Do I need

Who thought moving across the water could have been one of the thrilling adventures today. The question is though what size kayak do I need? Kayaking has emerged as the coolest escapade one can think of. It happens to be healthy as well; considering the nice opportunity to come close to nature. The most important thing here

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carp fishing secrets

Homemade Carp Fishing Bait Secrets

If you are like most anglers who complain about how hard winter fishing is then remember that much of your lack of success is not anything other than your bait not working at 100 percent in cold temperatures because 95 percent of boilies are totally inefficient in low temperatures! But you have the power to

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canada muskie fishing

Tips on Canada Muskie Fishing

One of many largest fish lurking in Canadian waters is the muskie. These massive fish are introduced in by anglers all across the country and once they do, the response is the same. This is one fish that has a whole lot of struggle in it. It’s no marvel that many fishermen refer to muskie

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big northern pike fishing

Pike Fishing Tip – Deadbait for Trophies

Deadbait for trophies… Here’s a pike fishing tip that can easily produce more excitement than fishing for walleye or trout. If you are looking for a good freshwater battle with a strong aggressive fish look no further than the Northern Pike. The beauty of the pike is they will strike at nearly anything. Out of

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fishing tips

Looking For Tips About Fishing Then Try These Great Ideas

Because fishing is accessible to anyone, it is a favorite pastime of many Americans. However, with some extra know, a beginner can turn into a strategic fisher that consistently catches fish, creating rewarding and fun memories. Check out the following article to find out some great tips that will help you on your upcoming fishing

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3 Exciting Bass Flies

If you are like me and love to go smallmouth bass fishing  using bass flies, then perhaps you have tried to to catch them with your fly rod.  If not, you really have to give it a try as it is great fun.  We usually fish for smallmouth bass with our spinning gear but we

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wreck fishing from a boat

The Enjoyable Art of Wreck Fishing

Wreck fishing is when you fish over submerged wrecks of boats, submarines, and even aircraft. As these hulks drop to the sea bed and start to decay they become a haven for small marine creatures. Over time they create a whole eco-system, attracting larger predator species like Cod, Pollock, Bass, Ling, and Conger. Wrecks lay

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sea fishing float

How to use Sea fishing floats

Sea fishing uses lots of different approaches to land that prized specimen. Matching the technique to the situation is the key to improving your success. Float fishing allows a different approach to solve problems and cover ground. You can also present baits very attractively and target all the layers of the sea i.e. the surface

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bass fishing tips

Spinning for Bass over Sand

Bass can be fished for using spinners, lures or plugs over a whole manner of substrates including rock, shingle, broken ground and sand. The basics are the same throughout, so you must learn to consider a few simple things before you cast your tackle into the water. In fact these are real basic requirements that should

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bass fishing with live bait

Bass Fishing with Live Bait

Catching a Bass with live bait is one of the most exciting ways to catch Bass on rod and line. Bass are a real challenge to hook up but a pleasure to play and land! They taste good too. There are many ways to tempt a Bass using lures / plugs and static baits. But when the

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bass fishing 7 different ways

Fishing For Bass 7 ways to catch bass

You are interested in Sea fishing and now you want to learn more about fishing for Bass. You have come to the right place, I want to explain to you the 7 most popular and effective ways to catch Bass. Just let me share this with you first – Bass are in a particular area

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bass fishing in australia

Bass Fishing Australia

If you happen to be looking for some fishing that will supply some heart stopping times, bass fishing Australia will unquestionably fill the bill. Bass fishing is a hell of a lot of fun because they put up such a vigorous fight and are very much a smart fish. In reality, they can often get the

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fly fishing

Fly Fishing Tips

Fishing fly patterns are tied with a vast variety of materials including natural materials such as goose feathers, beaver hair, deer hair, elk hair, chicken feathers, ostrich, and peacock feathers, rabbit fur and fox fur. Flies are also tied using, a large variety of synthetic yarns, ribbon, fake fur, plastic parts, and foam rubber. With

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best fishing kayak

Best Fishing Kayak- What to Consider

Most people who are just starting out in kayaking will admit that their first purchase was heavily influenced by how the kayak looked rather than the intentions that they had for it. They will also agree that they quickly discovered that their choice was ill-informed and proceeded to have quite a bad experience with their

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Kayak Fishing

Best fishing kayak for the money

The fishing kayak for the money. Kayaking is the perfect combination of exercise and communing with nature. You can drive a kayak down the river, through the salty ocean waves, or through a peaceful lake. In recent years the popularity of kayaking and canoeing and other sports exploded and with it a whole bunch of

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Kayak bow fishing

Bow Fishing Day with Kayak

Go kayaking is a type of tourism that has a history of formation and development in the world quite soon. The name kayak (transcribed from letters Qajaq) of Indigenous people Eskimo means “the boats of the hunters” or “hunter’s boats.” Overcoming the immense and fast-flowing river, even the rugged cliffs, and the violent white waves,

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good kayak features

What to Look For in a Good Kayak

With very many good kayaks available in the market, and the staggering amount of information available on the same all over the internet and magazines, it can be a challenge to choose the best fishing kayak is. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner who is just looking to get the

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best fishing kayak

Fly Fishing From a Kayak

Most of the people would look at you like you are going on some suicidal mission if you tell them about fly fishing from a kayak. They will get terrified and feed you with so many drawbacks of your decision that you may think of backing out but there before you do so you should

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strip build kayaks

Best Fishing Kayak Reviews

Regardless of how you choose to view your fishing expeditions, one thing is for sure, you will need the best fishing kayak to enjoy the sport. While fishing for most people presents an opportunity to bond, it is also a great pass time and for others, it is more of a pride and having the best

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fresh water fishing tips

Fresh Water Fishing Tips

Fishing is one of the most popular entertainments chosen by many people. The ideal places for people to fish are rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. Knowing the fresh water fishing tips will give you more wonderful experiences beyond your expectation with this exciting type of entertainment. Fresh Water Fishing Season One of the factors affecting your result

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keep the kayaks safe

How to Store a Kayak

How to store a kayak? For people who have a deep passion for the water sport activities, such as bow fishing, the kayak is one of the most important equipments that they always find out the best kayak for themselves to have wonderful journeys with their friends and relatives to fulfill their dream. Buying the

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